Getting Started

A quick start guide on getting you started with the API.

Sample API Client

We have reference API clients in C#, PHP, Ruby and Python languages that can be used as a base implementation while creating your own API client.

Wordpress Plugin

If you are planning to integrate the API with your Wordpress blog, we recommend you to try our existing Wordpress plugins.

Astrology Plugin

Our Wordpress plugin is available on the official plugin repository, and can be installed from your Wordpress admin dashboard.

To install the plugin

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Enter Prokerala Astrology in the search box and press enter.
  • Click Install Now button next to the Astrology plugin by Prokerala.
  • Visit the plugin documentation for usage instructions.

Panchang Plugin

If you are looking for a simple plugin to show today's panchang as a widget on your blog, you may use our Panchang plugin.

The plugin is not yet available on the official Wordpress repository. To install the plugin

  • Download the source from the GitHub project repository.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Click on Upload Plugin button.
  • Click on Choose file to browse and select the downloaded zip file
  • Click on Install Now button.


The easiest way to get started using the Prokerala API is to import our OpenAPI v3 specification into Postman. Postman is a free tool for testing REST APIs.

Import Collection

The following steps outline the necessary actions to import our OpenAPI v3 specification into Postman. If you do not have Postman installed, you can download and install it for free from

  • Open Postman application
  • Under File menu, click on on Import. Or you may use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-O (win) / Cmd-O (osx).
  • Switch to Link tab and enter the following url below 'Enter a URL'
  • Click on Continue, and then on the following screen click Import.
  • You will now have a new entry named Astrology API under Collections.

Configure Authentication

To run the imported API collections, you need to enter your client credentials to the collection.

  • Hover over the Astrology API collection created in the previous section.
  • Click on the 3 three dots menu that appears on hover.
  • Click on Edit on the dropdown that just opened.
  • Ensure Authorization tab is selected.
  • Under Configuration Options, change Grant Type to Client Credentials.
  • Enter as the Access Token URL.
  • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret from the client details page on your dashboard.
  • Change Client Authentication to Send client credentials in body.
  • Click on Get New Access Token.
  • Click Proceed on the Authentication complete screen.
  • Click Use Token.